Jenna Rae Frank Is Down to Be the Next Red Ranger

A couple of weeks ago, a rumor started floating around that Jenna Rae Frank, the daughter of Jason David Frank, was in line to be the Red Ranger for the team of Power Rangers after Beast Morphers. She would mark the second female Red Ranger in the TV shows, and there are plenty of fans that would support this. Plus, she has the heritage of her father being the most famous Power Ranger. They don’t have to make her character the daughter of Tommy Oliver, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

Well, Frank heard about the rumor and she seems more than excited at the prospect. According to an interview with PopLurker (via CB), Frank had this to say:

I think it was so cool! I’ve always wanted to be a Power Ranger. I grew up watching Power Rangers because of my dad. In fact, the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie was the only one I was allowed to watch as a kid. So, with that article, I know that Power Rangers fans loved it. And it’s something I really, really want! I would love to work with Hasbro on any project, to be honest. It doesn’t even have to be Power Rangers.

I was so excited by the response of the article. I kept thinking ‘Oh my god, this is so cool!’ And to be considered to lead as the Red Ranger was even better. I think I’m the perfect fit for it. I’m a black belt, I know karate, I know tumbling…as far as physical preparation for the role goes, I know everything. Well…okay…not everything, but I could hold my own as a Power Ranger! It would be really cool.

Make it happen, Hasbro. We all want to see it.

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