J.J. Abrams is Now Said To Be Up For The STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Directing Gig

Ever since Lucasfilm announced that Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) was no longer directing Star Wars: Episode IX, fans have been wondering who the studio would bring in to replace him.

The first name to pop up as a possible replacement that the studio is concidering is Rian Johnson, who is currently directing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. He seems to have a very good relationship with Lucasfilm and he enjoyed the creative freedom that he was given to make his film.

Of course, the fans brought up the possibility of bringing J.J. Abrams back to direct it, but until now, there was no indication that this might be a real possibility. A journalist from The Hollywood Reporter, Borys Kit, recently tweeted some info saying that Abrams is a contender alongside Johnson.

It makes sense that Lucasfilm would want to work with someone they are already familiar with at this point. They can't afford to hire someone who is untested just to have this happen all over again. The question is, would Abrams even consider it? In a previous interview with Fortune Magazine, the director said that he wasn't really looking to direct another Star Wars film. He said:

“It was a wonderful way to visit a place that meant so much to me and obviously so many. I knew that if it worked, it was the perfect time to step down – and if it didn’t, no one would want me to do it anyway,”

Personally, I would still like to see Rian Johnson step in and direct it. He's already in the groove and can go right from The Last Jedi into Episode IX and continue the story that he's already telling. Seems like the perfect seamless transition. 

We'll just have to wait and see what Lucasfilm end up doing. In the meantime, would you like to see Abrams come back for another film? Or is there another director that hasn't been mentioned that you'd like to see jump in the Star Wars party?

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