Joaquin Phoenix Embraces The Clown Madness in New Officially Released JOKER Photo

Director Todd Phillips has released a new official photo from the set of Joker and it features Joaquin Phoenix full on embracing the clown madness! He’s totally clowning around in the best way possible.

The outfit he’s wearing is drastically different than the clown outfit and make-up that we previously have seen him wearing. This was completely unexpected, and I love that about it! There are obviously going to be layers upon layers of different elements to this version of the character. The Joker is a very complicated character and just judging by the photos that have been released they are embracing the complications and the insanity that lives within him.

I have no idea why he will be wearing different clown outfits in the film, but I can’t wait to find out what makes him tick when we see the movie.

What are your theories as to why this version of The Joker is seen in different clown designs?

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