Kevin Feige Confirms That VENOM Will Not Be a Part of the MCU

I know that a lot of fans were hoping that the new Tom Hardy Venom film being developed by Sony Pictures and director Ruben Fleischer would somehow connect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Spider-Man is now a part of. Even though it was pretty clear Venom wouldn't be a part of the MCU, there was no official statement until now. 

During a recent Facebook Live interview with the French website AlloCiné, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feign , he confirmed that there are "No plans to include [Venom] in the MCU right now. That is Sony’s project."

So in case you thought there was a slight chance that Venom could make an appearance with any of the other characters within the MCU, including Spider-Man, this makes it pretty clear that you should give up hope... for now. 

Sony Pictures is developing their own comic book universe that will involve several of the villains from the Spider-Man universe. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but it's so weird that Spider-Man won't be a part of it. Silver Sable and Black Cat will also be included in this universe. Hopefully they can pull it off. We'll just have to wait and see.

Tom Holland recently confirmed that Marvel is planning a trilogy of Spider-Man movies. That'll probably keep him busy until 2020 or 2021. After that trilogy ends, who knows what will happen. One thing is clear, he will not be facing off against Venom in any of those films. I guess one day it could happen, but it most likely won't be until the deal between Marvel and Sony regarding Spider-Man is done. 

Do you think we'll ever see Tom Holland's Spider-Man face off with Tom Hardy's Venom? 

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