Kevin Feige is Such a Huge STAR WARS Fan; Will He Leave Marvel For Lucasfilm?

After it was announced that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige would be developing a Star Wars film for Lucasfilm, a lot of fans have been wondering and talking about if Feige would actually consider leaving Marvel to focus on making Star Wars.

The thing is, Feige is a huge Star Wars fan. While he obviously loves what he’s been doing with the Marvel films, his first love is Star Wars.

During a 2018 appearance on The Star Wars Show, Feige talked about his love for Star Wars and how his fandom for the franchise was his gateway to Marvel, saying:

“I knew I wanted to work on these types of movies [Marvel movies], mainly because of this movie, [Star Wars]. … I was the kid that kept playing with Star Wars toys maybe a little bit longer than the other kids did? So, I was 10 years old when Jedi came out. I had all of those [toys]. The ‘Power of the Force’ line came out in ’85, so there hadn’t had been a Star Wars movie in a couple of years, and as you know, that’s when Kenner stopped making the ‘Power of the Force’ line. It was the last line they did.”

Like most of us, Feige has been a Star Wars fanatic for most of his life, he has a deep-seeded passion for it and now he has his foot in the door at Lucasfilm. Once he completely dives into the Star Wars universe with this film that he’s making, will he want to leave when he’s done? Or will he want to stick around to help make more of them?

This is certainly a valid question because this is kind of his dream job. Also, as you know, Star Wars is in need of some proper guidance and Feige can offer that to the future of the franchise. We’ve all seen the amazing stuff that he pulled off with Marvel, imagine what he could do with Star Wars! It’s exciting to think about, at the same time, if he did leave Marvel for Lucasfilm, who would take over and lead the Marvel films in the future?

CinemaBlend suggests that Feige has possibly been grooming creative executive Eric Hauserman Carroll to take over if the time ever came. They explained:

During the press activities for Spider-Man: Far From Home, I was lucky enough to get a 1:1 interview with Feige. Only, it wasn’t a true one-on-one, as Feige had creative executive Eric Hauserman Carroll sitting in on all of his interviews that day. Feige answered every question, but Carroll seemed to be being groomed by Feige for a possible baton pass. I mentioned this to a few colleagues, and my immediate thought – knowing what I know about the confusion at Lucasfilm and Feige’s passion for Star Wars – was that the Marvel president was laying the groundwork for a seamless transition to the other members of his team.

This is all just speculation. But, while the fans have loved what Feige has done with the Marvel films, it’s not hard to believe that he could get burnt out with Marvel and want to move on to try something new. It’s safe to say that Feige doesn’t want to make Marvel movies for the rest of his career, I’m sure he wants to mix it up a bit and jumping into the Star War universe is something that we know he is passionate about doing.

We really have no idea if Feige will eventually leave Marvel to help lead the charge on Star Wars at Lucasfilm, but do you think that’s something he would do? Would you want to see Feige focus his time and talents on Star Wars?

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