KRYPTON TV Series Being Developed by David Goyer?

The same site who broke the news that Supergirl and X-Men TV series are in development, Bleeding Cool, is back with another cool report. They have learned from their sources that Man of Steel writer and producer David Goyer is currently developing a TV series called Krypton, which was inspired by Gotham's success.

Goyer seems to have his hand in all things DC, from movies to TV. The guy has just engulfed himself in that world. I'm sure he'll have a long standing relationship with Warner Bros. in helping them bring these things to life for audiences to enjoy. 

As for Gotham, there are no solid details on what the series will be about but the report speculates with the following:

"The name suggests a pre-Superman drama set on the planet Krypton, maybe involving the House Of El, maybe Brainiac, maybe an end of the world cult, maybe lots of dragons flying around the place."

That makes a lot of sense, especially if it was inspired by Gotham. The most that we've ever really seen of the Kryptonian lifestyle was in Man of Steel. Then there are comics such as the World Of Krypton stories and For The Man Who Has Everything, which have explored certain aspects of Superman's home planet.

It would really be interesting to see a series dedicated to the planet and how it thrived all of those years before it met its demise. I'd be completely on board to watch a show like this, and I would love to see it go into full on development. If it does, I wonder if they will use the same style and designs that we saw in Man of Steel, or if they would completely overhaul it and start from scratch. 

Goyer is currently producing NBC's adaptation of Constantine along with Da Vinci's Demons on STARZ. He also wrote the first draft of Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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