Leaked Concept Art For DEADPOOL 2 Shows Brad Pitt as Cable and More

Update: Images removed at the request of Fox representatives.

It looks like Brad Pitt could actually be up for the role of Cable in Deadpool 2! A rumor regarding his involvement broke yesterday before we learned that Michael Shannon was the frontrunner. We now have some concept art that has leaked out for the film that actually shows Pitt in the role of Cable. Even if Pitt isn't going to be in the film, we now know what kind of look they are going for. 

The concept art popped up on CBM, and it also includes the kind of look they are going for with Domino and a redesigned suit for Colossus. Then, of course, there's one of Deadpool in a yellow t-shirt.

I like the look of Cable, and I've gotta admit Pitt would look pretty badass in the role. I'd love to see some art of what Michael Shannon would look like!

There's always the chance that this concept art is fake, but it looks to me like it's legit artwork. What do you all think of the designs for Cable and Domino?    

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