Let's Talk About GO GO POWER RANGERS #11

Go Go Power Rangers #11 recently came out, and it had a doozy of a story. If you have not read the issue yet, be warned that this post will be full of spoilers!

Holy cow! That was a crazy issue. Of course, we already knew the first 6 pages or so if we read the preview, so that’s not surprising. However, how Kimberly beat Ranger Slayer was incredible and the idea that Ranger Slayer (from now on I’ll call her Sally) was being controlled similarly to Tommy via a dark weapon was a cool shout out. I knew that bow looked a lot like the Sword of Darkness that Rita used to control Tommy, but I thought it was all aesthetics. I love how they took a minute to show the gang having fun with Sally now that the spell is broken over her and I love how she tries to help Kim understand that she should take advantage of the happy moments whenever possible. Of course, for a minute it seemed like she got over her guilt and trauma pretty quickly, but thankfully, they did show she still is having some pretty serious PTSD that she’s dealing with, especially when Matt shows up at the Juice Bar.

That conversation with Drakkon was also crazy, and I was really hoping they’d be able to use Sally as a trump card (they still could) against him as like a double agent similar to how the Coinless have gotten help from Skull. Sadly, he was too smart and was able to figure it out pretty quickly. Of course, the biggest moment for me was when Sally was in the Command Center and Billy tries helping so she knocks him out. I can’t even fathom what she’s trying to do now!

Here are my theories for how this affects everything. I think that Sally is trying to use the Command Center to find a way back to her dimension so that she can finally kill Drakkon. Of course, we all know she’s not able to take him out alone, so somehow either she’s going to die (not likely since she is part of the team for Beyond the Grid) or the Rangers will keep her from her suicide mission and they’ll be able to use her knowledge to put an end to Drakkon. Maybe Zordon’s the one to intervene? Or I think it could be a great moment if Alpha intervened and stopped her after everything she did to him.

What were your favorite moments from the issue? How do you think she’ll be used to defeat Drakkon?

Shattered Grid continues in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 set to release on July 18, 2018.

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