Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 just came out and it was pretty crazy. If you haven’t read the issue yet, be warned that spoilers are ahead.


I’m going to skip everything from the preview except the last page. At the end of the preview, we saw Drakkon interrogating Skull after Skull’s betrayal is found out and we were all left wondering what Drakkon had planned. Our questions are answered in the very first panel of the next page. Drakkon freaking snapped Skull’s neck! That’s insane! Finster 5 then approaches Drakkon and says he’s found the Ranger Slayer after her signal was lost.

We then get to see the conversation between Drakkon and Ranger Slayer from Drakkon’s point of view. This gives us very interesting insight into things including the fact that maybe Drakkon’s not as eagle-eyed as we previously thought as Finster 5 pipes up about something being different about her and she’s missing the Dark Bow. As the conversation ends, we also learn that Drakkon’s plan is not the safest as his body is “tearing itself apart” because of the power signatures he’s infusing himself with to access the Morphing Grid. This is awesome because it helps ground Drakkon and shows he’s not as invincible as he has seemed.

We finally cut back to the Rangers as they make plans and prepare to fight Drakkon. This leads to a touching moment between Andros and Karone. Andros is filled with joy since he didn't know that she’s turned into a good person again (remember the timeline is all kinds of screwed up). More importantly, we have a conversation between Zordon and Commander Cruger. It starts with them expressing joy at the touching reunion, shifts into Cruger giving his condolences about the death of Tommy, and then leads to Cruger talking about how as leaders they can only show their teams the path and set examples and Zordon agreeing while adding that the Rangers can learn from the commander’s mistakes. It's an exchange that I wasn't expecting, but it felt very necessary. It was the first time we really got to see these two interact and develop a bond which becomes important at the end of the issue.


The Rangers then work on their plan a bit more and settle on using Grace Sterling’s ship Promethea (fans will also know it as the space colony Terra Venture) to attack Drakkon’s stronghold. They also recognize they need more Rangers. This is when Alpha mentions that more are arriving now and I love how he says, “It’s time.” There’s something about that sentence that just gets me pumped. You know things are going to be awesome now. If they had left the issue with that, or maybe that and then a full page of just all the new Rangers arriving, I would’ve been so excited and happy. Nevertheless, it continues to the most surprising part.


The most interesting part happens in the last two pages though. Kimberly starts talking to Zordon and asking what they’re going to do about Drakkon. They’ve made plans about how to destroy his tower, but not the man. Zordon says he’s been thinking about it a lot and thinks he has the solution. We then see what appears to be Puttys escorting Zordon and Cruger. I was a little confused and shocked when I put it together after a second before turning the page. BAM! Rita Repulsa. Zordon says, “She might be our only hope” and that drove me insane with excitement. Zordon’s plan requires Rita to truly beat Lord Drakkon. Drakkon killed his Rita who was responsible for creating him in the first place. It makes some sense though to bring Rita in at this point to bring Drakkon down as she may have deeper knowledge about how Drakkon was created or something else about Drakkon that would help bring him down or turn him good. I can’t wait to see the giant battle that will ensue in the next couple of issues. Why isn’t this a Netflix series yet?

Shattered Grid will continue with Go Go Power Rangers #12 on August 1, 2018.

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