Make Your D&D Seafaring Party Sick with THE MALADY CODEX III

Several months ago, I shared The Malady Codex which is written by medical students. It features diseases for DMs to incorporate into their Dungeons & Dragons games. Now, the duo of Jason Bakos and Themis Paraskevas have released The Malady Codex III: Diseases of the Sea for all those parties traveling at sea since the release of Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Once again, this unofficial supplement talks not only about what the maladies can do, but also their origins, symptoms, and even cures to help give plenty of flavor. In addition, DMs will find new monsters like the Vampire Squid to throw at their adventurers.

Deep in each civilization’s roots, there are myths, remedies, and folklore, all revolving around the ailments that affect its people. When each Dungeon Master wants to expand on the details of the societies that unfold before their very eyes, tools that spice up the process become a vital weapon. This supplement will hopefully become one of them, as DMs become inspired by the grim, epic or mundane conditions of the human body and mind.

This third installment of the Malady Codex focuses on diseases that affect those who sail the seas. With them, you can bring a fantastical sense of realism to your nautical adventures. The high seas are full of wonders and dangers, and you can showcase both with these storytelling tools.

Do not underestimate diseases. Part of the Dungeon Master’s art is to be able to stir feelings up in their players, and few human conditions could accomplish that better. Used as a way to advance a storyline, to expand a character arc or to create conflict, the following stories can serve you well!

You can pick up The Malady Codex III on DMs Guild on sale right now for only $1.95.

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