Margot Robbie Wants to Play Harley Quinn "Forever"

Margot Robbie's take on Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad was the breakout, crowd-pleasing success fans were hoping since the moment she was cast in the role, and even the people who didn't particularly like the movie think that she was one of the best parts about it. She definitely has that elusive X factor that Hollywood is always looking for, and director David Ayer's camera loves her in the movie.

As you might have expected, the film's cast signed a multi-picture contract with Warner Bros., meaning that sequels are in development (even after the movie's largely disappointing reviews). But while most actors are asked about starring in a sequel to a movie they're in, they answer with a boilerplate "sure, I'm keeping my options open" kind of response, Robbie seems like she's hooked on Harley in a big way. When ComicBook asked her how long she hoped to play the character, she said:

"I hope forever. I really, I could play Harley for a long time. I don't know how long. We've signed on, I mean I think everyone's committed to a couple of films. There's so much you can do. They're the sort of characters that you could keep exploring and find so many more, so much more to do."

Considering she and WB are already developing a Harley Quinn spin-off movie in addition to Suicide Squad 2, Robbie just might get her wish. And I think it's a slam dunk to say that both she and Jared Leto's Joker will show up in Ben Affleck's solo Batman film (hopefully titled The Batman) when that film eventually rolls around.

What did you think about Robbie's performance in Suicide Squad?

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