Mark Millar Talks About Matthew Vaughn's Scrapped "Massive" and "Hopeful" SUPERMAN Trilogy

Director Matthew Vaughn has made quite a lucrative living out of making comic book movies. With films like Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, and the Kingsman under his belt he's been wanting to jump into the world of DC. We know that he's in talks to direct Man of Steel 2 along with several other possible properties. It seems like he's on a mission to want to save the DC movie universe.

Before all this came about, Vaughn and his frequent collaborator Mark Millar had plans for a Superman trilogy. They pitched their idea to Warner Bros. back in 2008, but it was ultimately scrapped. 

Mark Millar was recently a guest on El Fanboy Podcast (via JoBlo) where he opened up about their Superman film concept for the first time saying:

“It was actually a massive, uplifting, hopeful thing. There’s no point doing Superman unless you feel good. You should walk out of ‘Superman’ just feeling like a million dollars. You should feel great after a Superman film. The movie itself was going to be a big, vast fun epic. But Superman’s got to be a laugh, as well.”

Millar went on to talk about their Superman fandom and how Vaughn even called up Millar to help him out with Man of Steel 2. Millar had to decline, though, because of his commitment to Netflix at the moment. 

“He and I are massive Superman fans. I mean, we worship Richard Donner. We love the Christopher Reeve movies. He actually phoned me up a few months ago, and he said, ‘Hey, listen, DC, they’re very interested in me doing Man of Steel 2. Do you want to come in and do this?’ And I was like, ‘I’m exclusive to Netflix for years. We can’t even have that conversation.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, man. What’s the chances of this?’ And then he kind of drifted away. And he’s attached himself to a couple of things and all that. Y’know so, it’s one of those things that might, I mean – if somebody phones Matthew up and offers him enough money it could all change tomorrow.”

I personally hope that things do work out and that Matthew Vaughn ends up directing Man of Steel 2. I think he would do some great things with it. However, it's still a shame that he never got to make his Superman trilogy. It could've been awesome!

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