Marvel and IDW Team Up to Make Comics for Middle Schoolers


Marvel wants to work on making comics for younger readers and they have teamed up with IDW Publishing to make it happen. Some of you may be thinking about the Marvel Rising comics that were aimed at younger audiences and these will be completely different. November is when the first of the new titles will launch and it will be focused on Spider-Man. It is said that the series will feature both Peter Parker and Miles Morales which is great since both characters will be in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse a month later. December will have the start of a series focused on the Avengers (not sure who will be part of the team) and January will release a Black Panther series. Sven Larsen, director of licensed publishing at Marvel said this:

Marvel is committed to delivering unique and accessible content for our younger audiences and fans. As one of our most valued partners, IDW is the right fit to help us feature some of our most popular characters and publish stories created especially for the next generation of super heroes.

IDW’s editor in chief, John Barber, talked about the diversity of the Marvel characters in his statement.

From Iron Man to Captain Marvel, from the Hulk to Shuri — the Marvel pantheon has something for everyone. With this team-up, Marvel and IDW aim to bring exciting, all-new comics to a generation growing up in a Marvel world.

I am really excited for these comic companies creating more material for younger audiences. Don’t forget that DC has announced DC Zoom and DC Ink to make books for younger audiences. Are you excited for these new comics geared towards younger readers? Who do you think will be in the Avengers line-up for this?


Source: THR

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