Marvel Studios is Reportedly Developing a DARK AVENGERS Film

According to a new report, Marvel Studios is adding another film project to their growing pipeline. That Hashtag Show is reporting that Marvel Studios has developed and completed a script for an adaptation of Dark Avengers.

This is one of many scripts for several projects that Marvel is currently developing and there’s no guarantee that it will end up making it to the big screen. They are just commissioning a bunch of different scripts so that when the time comes to decide what they want to pull the trigger on, there are several options to choose from ready to go.

For those of you not familiar with Dark Avengers, here’s a rundown thanks to the report:

The Dark Avengers were created by Brian Michael Bendis and first appeared in their own title in January of 2009 in the aftermath of the Skrull Secret Invasion. With the people and the government having lost faith in the Avengers, Norman Osborn, who had been in charge of the Thunderbolts, was appointed head of the reformed S.H.I.E.L.D., now known as H.A.M.M.E.R.. Osborn took the opportunity to assemble his own team of “heroes”, including Sentry, Noh-Varr and Ares and to disguise some Thunderbolts as former Avengers. Osborn’s team included a Mac Gargan “Spider-Man”, a Moonstone “Captain Marvel”, a Bullseye “Hawkeye”, a Daken “Wolverine” and Norman in the Iron Patriot armor. The initial run of the comic lasted 16 issues and ran throughout the Dark Regin and Seige line-wide arcs.

Knowing that Marvel is developing this film gives us some kind of indication on the direction that they could take the MCU following the events of Avengers 4. It’s previously been said that there will be more Avengers film, but it’s safe to say that the Avengers will have a very different roster of characters. If they did move forward with a Dark Avengers film, you can bet that they’ll be replacing some of those characters with others. Norman Osborn could be a new character introduced, though. According to the report:

Though the details of Sony’s deal with Marvel Studios have never been made explicit, we do believe that part of the reason Silver and Black was delayed was because Marvel Studios made an effort to gain access to Norman Osborn, who was originally intended to be in Silver and Black. A little arithmetic and little speculation and you can get from a post-snap universe down the road a bit where Osborn could be leading a team of Dark Avengers.

This is all rumor and speculation at this point but it’s still fun to see and talk about what Marvel could be planning for the future! Would you like to see Marvel Studio develop a film based on Dark Avengers?

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