Michael Myers is Back in Action in Photos From The New HALLOWEEN Film

The iconic horror villain Michael Myers is about to make a big comeback in a new Halloween film from director David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride. The first trailer is set to be released on Friday, but while we wait, we have a few new photos to share with you feature Myers back in action. One of those photos includes Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode being attacked by him.

I already had a chanced to see the first trailer for the upcoming sequel and I actually really liked what I saw. If you want, you can read all about it here. When we catch up with Laurie in the film, she has spent the past forty years preparing to kill Michael Myers if he ever ended up getting out of the insane asylum. Obviously, he does and she will find herself confronting the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago. Judy Greer plays Karen Strode, the daughter of Laurie, and Andi Matichak (Orange Is the New Black, Underground) plays Allyson, the granddaughter.

When talking about the film with USA Today, Green explained why he needed to drop all of the Halloween sequels to tell the story he wanted to tell.

"I started finding limitations instead of opportunity, and thinking, ‘If there was a little bit of a clean slate to take it in a direction I selfishly as a huge Halloween fan wanted, where would I go?’"

Green goes on to talk about how he wanted to handle Myers in the film, who will once again be played by Nick Castle:

"He’s the essence of evil. So, we don’t want to get too much into the specifics of what makes him tick. So much of what makes the boogeyman horrifying to me is the mystery and almost cat-like mannerisms and curiosity of this character."

That's one of the reasons why I love this horror icon so much. We don't need to know what makes him tick. That fact that's he's just pure evil is enough. That's what makes him so intriguing. As far as Laurie Strode goes, Curtis explains that she's ready to kick Myers' ass.

"In the first film, she was running for her life. In this case, she is well-matched, she is prepared, she is focused. She will be the one people are standing behind when that moment comes, because she’s the one ready."

She goes on to explain how the community sees Laurie all these years later:

"It becomes a little bit ‘The British are coming!’ and everybody just gets tired of it. It’s the girl who cried Michael, and they’re all like, ‘Oh, my God, Laurie, shut the (expletive) up.’ And that’s why I like where we find her."

As far as the plot goes, this is what the report gives us:

"A British documentary crew comes to the States to visit Michael in prison for a retrospective of the maniac’s night of terror — but their project becomes way more interesting when Myers escapes custody, retrieves his signature mask and seeks revenge on Laurie, with others naturally being part of his impressive career body count along the way."

Halloween will be released on October 19, 2018. As a fan of the Halloween films, I'm looking forward to this movie, and I'm curious to see what everyone thinks when the first trailer is released later this week.

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