More Rumors that Bryan Cranston Will Play Lex Luthor


We've heard a lot of rumors about the possibility of Bryan Cranston taking on the role of Lex Luthor. Those rumors started very early on after the Batman Vs. Superman movie was announced. Even though Cranston has denied those rumors in the past, it's obviously still alive and well. In a recent video podcast for Amasian News, they claim that they've 100% confirmed that Cranston will play the villain. Of course they can't reveal their sources, but they seem pretty confident. They also claim that Ben Affleck will sport an Alex Ross inspired Batman costume in the film. Which is cool, but also goes against stuff we've previously heard. Kevin Smith also went crazy over the suit design that he saw, and I don't think he would have said the things he said over an Alex Ross inspired design. 

Keep in mind that these sources are untested, we have no idea how legit they are so treat this news as a big fat rumor. It would be incredible if Cranston played Lex in the sequel! It's would perfect casting! It will be interesting to see what the official casting news will be. In the meantime, this is what the Internet is giving us. 

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