Not All Pokemon Can Be Brought to SHIELD and SWORD from POKEMON HOME

During the last Pokémon press conference, Pokémon Home was revealed. This will be a cloud-based storage system for all your Pokémon needs including Pokémon Shield and Sword. Many fans were led to believe this would allow people to move their favorite Pokémon to their new copies of Sword and Shield. Unfortunately, that may not be possible.

Fans learned during the Nintendo Treehouse Live during E3 that you will only be able to move Pokémon from Home to Sword/Shield that are in the Galar Pokedex. Now, we don’t know how many or which Pokémon that includes, but we do know that they decided to limit things to keep the game balanced on the competitive level.

I know a lot of people are freaking out about this and are very upset. I don’t blame them either. Not being able to necessarily have your favorite Pokémon in the latest game can be a bummer. However, I’m not so worried. Remember how Ruby and Sapphire didn’t have all the Pokémon? People still loved those games and later they could get all the Pokémon thanks to Fire Red and Leaf Green. Not to mention those games had less than half the number of Pokémon total.

There are ways that all the Pokémon can later be incorporated, too. There’s no reason why they can’t be included via an update or DLC down the road. What I would actually love to see is an update that allows you to travel to a different region like maybe Kalos since it’s based on France which is close to the UK which is the basis for the Galar region.

What do you think of this news?

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