Poster Art Revealed For Marvel's BLACK WIDOW Film and WANDAVISION Series

During the D23 Expo today Marvel handed out posters to fans for two of their upcoming projects. One poster is for the Black Widow movie and the other is for the WandaVision Disney+ series.

The Black Widow poster art features all of the main characters in the film, and one of the things fans might find most interesting is that it offers us our first look at David Harbour as Red Guardian. It also shows off a new costume for Scarlett Johnson’s Natasha Romanoff.

I recently got to see some new footage from the film and a new white outfit was also revealed of the character, which you can read about and check out here.


Then there’s the WandaVision poster that offers us our first visualization of what we can expect from the tone of the series. It was recently described as being half sitcom and half Marvel epic. In this image we certainly see the classic 50s sitcom vibe vibe. The look like a normal happy couple, and then you look at the wall behind them and see the shadows of their true superhero selves. This is going to be an incredibly interesting series.


It’s interesting to see the reactions from some fans regarding these projects. There’s a bit of negativity surrounding them, but from what I’ve personally seen… these new Marvel projects are going to turn out awesome!

Source: Artist Andy Park

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