POWER RANGERS: Alpha 5 Looks Like an Alien Baby and I'm Cool With That

I'm both dreading and intrigued by everything that has come out for the new Power Rangers movie. There seems to be a lot of hate from my fellow GeekTyrant co-founder Joey about how the zords look. I'm not fully onboard the hate train with Mr. Paur, I think the alien techno organic design has some really great thinking behind it. I'm waiting until I see them in action in a trailer to solidify any judgment.

Today, we have our first look at Zordon's helpful assistant Alpha 5. Even as a kid watching Power Rangers, Alpha 5 was always a "dude in a suit" in my head. I never really thought of him as alien. These images present Alpha 5 as a friendly looking alien baby robot. The red color and flying saucer head are held over from his original design. Completely new are his headlight eyes and more alien proportions. With Bill Hader voicing Alpha 5, the often panic-stricken robot this could be a fun a relatable character. Upon seeing the design, the resident toddler in my house said, "Oh look, Alpha 5. He's got a belly. Cool!"

I'm really hoping we get a full trailer soon so we can see if the film truly warrants some of the hate it's gotten. Having been a long time Power Rangers fan, I'm hoping the movie is good and that it will bring regular people into its universe. With audiences accepting and being open to the weirdness of Doctor Stranger and Guardians of The Galaxy, I think this the best time for this film.

Power Rangers yells "It's morphin time!" in theaters March 24th, 2017.

Source: IGN

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