It looks like my worries about Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid have all been for nothing. Or rather, my worries that it was going to feature a rock-paper-scissors mechanic similar to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. According to kwingsletsplays, he got to talk to nWay who confirmed that the game will not be like Legacy Wars, but rather the gameplay would be similar to Dragon Ball Fighterz. Now, I have not been able to play Fighterz yet, but I’ve heard wonderful things about it and it’s at the top of my list. This means that players will pick teams of three to do combat. This is a huge sigh of relief in my opinion and I’m now ready for the hype train.

Kwingsletsplays also points to some misunderstandings about skins. Apparently, some have mistaken skins for characters. However, with the MMPR Pink Ranger being a skin some fans are speculating that it will be a skin for Ranger Slayer. While that makes sense and I’d love to have Ranger Slayer, I would be a little sad if I couldn’t play as the Pink Ranger. The only confirmed characters seem to be Lord Drakkon, MMPR Green Ranger, MMPR Red Ranger, and Gia Moran the Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger. I know some fans are hoping that there is a normal Megaforce skin for Gia and I think they should. Red Ranger totally needs the Dragonshield for a skin too.

One final piece of information points to the story. According to kwingsletsplays the story will be at least slightly different for each character. Given the name and the success of Shattered Grid last year, I think it’s safe to assume the story will have some relation to that. Dualshockers tried getting some additional information such as whether or not the original actors would be doing voice over work for the game, but the only information they got was that a story mode exists, and fans can expect to see Rangers from across the different series.

In terms of what we want to do for Power Rangers fans, similar to what we’ve done in our previous projects, we are grabbing from different eras of Power Rangers. I would say a big, important part for us is to make sure that people that left the brand or stopped watching the show at different times will have elements in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid that will bring them back and then we can introduce them new interesting stuff.

Battle for the Grid is set to release in April on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can pre-order it now for as low as $20.

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