RANGERS ENDGAME is a Fan Video from an Ex-Power Ranger


I’m excited to see Avengers: Endgame and I love me some Power Rangers. Put the two together and you’ve got a lot of potential in my opinion. I’ve already seen some amazing fan posters combining the two, and now there’s a fan film. Rangers Endgame was made by Michael Copon (the Time Force Blue Ranger) and the artist of those posters, Aaron Coney. It’s a fun watch although I felt like maybe there was too much from Avengers.

The footage includes spots from other fan films and the 2017 film and includes a couple of old Rangers providing narration. Those Rangers include Copon (he is also in the fan film), Nakia Burrise, Jason Faunt, Jason David Frank, Blake Foster, Walter Jones, Azim Rizk, and Catherine Sutherland.

The tagline for the short fan film reads “With half of Earth’s mightiest heroes fallen, the #PowerRangers step up to avenge them...” and therefore it makes sense to feature Thanos and the Avengers. However, I felt like it was a misstep to have Copon stranded in space a la Tony Stark as he’s supposedly going to help avenge the Avengers.

I also think that bringing Lord Drakkon in was a mistake. I think they should’ve either stuck with Thanos or done Drakkon, not try to do both as for me it makes me wonder what is going on. With Drakkon’s last lines, I almost would’ve preferred him over Thanos to be honest.

What do you think of this fun fan film? Am I just being too critical?

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