Renegade Game Studios Teases Next Set of Expansions for HEROES OF THE GRID

Renegade Game Studios has clearly been enjoying their success with Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. After all, they’ve announced that on September 17 they will be launching a new Kickstarter that is sure to have something for many Power Rangers fans.

Based on the artwork, I can only assume that the Zeo Rangers expansion will be included and possibly an unannounced Dino Thunder expansion. We see Black Dino Thunder in the artwork, but he’s also got evil red eyes, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

You can also spot Green Mighty Morphin in the art as well, so it looks like we might get another chance at getting the Kickstarter exclusives? What are you hoping will become available in this next Kickstarter for Heroes of the Grid?

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