Ron Howard Discusses The Future of The SOLO Franchise, Lando, Qi'ra, and L3-37

Solo: A Star Wars Story ended up being a fantastically fun film! It was so much better than what I was expecting, and after that big ending, I'm hoping that the story will continue. Yeah, I know that film isn't considered a box office success, but I still want to see more Solo films!

Director Ron Howard recently did an interview with Empire Magazine where he talked about the future of the franchise along with some of the characters that filled the film. First, he explains that there are no concrete plans for a sequel... yet. He goes on to talk about the future of the franchise and what the sequel could possibly explore, saying:

"It’s been kind of a constant process of asking the questions – how might this have happened? How might have Han Solo been affected? What are the events that might have shaped his life? I think it does continue to beg questions. The fans seem enthusiastic, and so maybe there’s going to be interest in exploring those.

"Potentially one would think it might be kind of interesting to see what a war amongst the Syndicates looks like. There’s nothing concrete there, but that’s interesting territory. In what movie and through which character’s perspective that might emerge… I think everybody feels like that’s rich territory to explore in the movie universe."


It seems like Han's dealing's with Jabba The Hutt would most likely be the next big chapter of the story, but really diving into the crime Syndicates would definitely be interesting, especially with Crimson Dawn being led by Darth Maul, which is something that Howard wanted to put in the film.

“They had a list of a few candidates, and they even talked about just inventing a new gangster boss because there are five Syndicates. I said, 'Maul, what happened to him?' I hadn't seen the animations but I knew more had happened with him. They told me the story and I said, well wouldn't that be cool? My 30-year-old son thinks that’s the coolest guy, and so I admittedly lobbied. It wasn't entirely my decision but I thought that was a pretty scary way to go and a way to give our third act a nice twist and a jolt of recognition and excitement. The first time I saw it with fans, I saw that it was a good call."

When asked about the Lando Calrissian spinoff film that has been rumored, Howard confirms that it's in discussion and that it's a real possibility: 

"He’s so entertaining, that’s a real possibility. All of this is in discussion, but it all depends on project-by-project development."

Donald Glover was so freakin' good in the role of Lando, and I hope that he does end up getting a solo film that focuses on his adventures. That could be a ton of fun! The director goes on to talk about the droid L3-37, who met a tragic end in Solo. The question is, is the droid gone for good? Maybe not. Howard says:

"Is there some way that Lando could rebuild L3? One would hope, wouldn't you. Maybe the Falcon gets to keep a bit of that super-intelligence but Lando could maybe, somehow, someday find his way to reconstructing L3."

As far as Qi'ra goes, she was such a fascinating character, who was wonderfully played by Emilia Clarke. I especially liked that she chose to stay with Crimson Dawn and serve as Maul's second in command. Howard explains that he doesn't see that moment as a betrayal to Han, he sees it as an act of charity:

"In my mind, she knew she couldn’t run off with Han. It would be his death and hers. She set him up to go, assuring him that she’d follow, but knowing she couldn’t really. She had to clean this situation up as best as she could. I think she hoped she could report in and then disappear, but [Maul] trapped her. He said, ‘Come to Dathomir and we’re going to be working closely together’, and you realise, ‘Oh my god, she’s traded one oppressive boss in for an even scarier dude’. In a way it fuels her ambition and puts her in a position of heightened power, perhaps. Or heightened danger. I thought it was kind of courageous for her."

This is one of the main reasons why I want a sequel. I want to see how the story of Qi'ra plays out with Maul and Han. She was one of the most interesting characters of the story, and I need to know how things play out for her!

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