Rumor Says ZELDA Fans Can Expect a Second Game This Year


I was shocked when I saw Nintendo announce a remake of Link’s Awakening at their Nintendo Direct last month. I wasn’t expecting anything about Zelda until a little later that year at the earliest. However, some new rumors are coming up saying that we may be in for more. That’s right, you’re going to want a giant spoonful of salt because we’re diving in.

According to a GameFaqs forum talking about the Direct, some private messages on Reddit were shared that suggest that Link’s Awakening will not be the only Zelda game to launch in 2019. According to the rumor, a smaller, 2D Zelda game will be released via the eShop and it will be announced “in a few months” before the release of Link’s Awakening. I wonder if this is going to be a brand-new game or a port of a different game? I could see either one happening, but the messages suggest that it’ll be a new game albeit not a big game.

Are you buying this rumor or is it a load of crap?

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