Sony Pictures Hires Two Directors To Helm MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE

Fan Art by  SiMoSol

Fan Art by SiMoSol

Sony Pictures and Mattel have finally settled on two directors to helm the big screen adaptation of Masters of The Universe, and you've never heard of them before. They are two brothers named Aaron and Adam Nee and they directed a little indie film back in 2015 called Band of Robbers, which I thought was an ok movie. They must've made one hell of a pitch! 

I have no idea if these guys are the right directors for the project, but I wish them luck and hope that they end up giving us an epically badass He-Man movie. They will direct the film from a script that was written by David Goyer (Man of Steel), who was looking to direct it at one point. He is also a producer on the project and according to the report, he is still "extremely involved in the development of the film." Hopefully, they will move away from the designs of the film that we were previously seeing

I grew up on He-Man, so I'm a huge fan and like many other fans I want this movie to be so good, so bad. I really hope that the Nee brothers are actually able to pull this off and make fans happy. It will be released in theater in 2019. 

Source: Variety

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