STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE Will Start Shooting Later This Summer

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed during the Star Wars panel at Comic-Con that Gareth Edward's Star Wars: Rogue One will shoot later this summer, in three weeks!

When asked by a fan about the future of the Star Wars franchise Kennedy said: 

“Gareth Edwards starts shooting in three weeks.” 

Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One was already confirmed to open in theaters on December 16th, 2016, so we knew that the film would have to start shooting soon.

The story is set between the events of Episode III and IV, and follows a "band of resistance fighters [who] unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans."

The movie stars Felicity Jones stars as a Rebel soldier, and Riz Ahmed and Diego Luna will play Rebel characters. Ben Mendelsohn is expected to play a villain, and Darth Vader is also rumored to show up in the movie in some capacity.

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