Steven Spielberg May Be Directing a Film about Iconic Composer Leonard Bernstein

Director Steven Spielberg already has two film projects set up now that he is finished with his film adaptation of Ready Player One. There's West Side Story, which he is currently casting for, and he is planning on directing Indiana Jones 5. Now he seems to be feeling out another film project that he might direct before West Side Story, which was supposed to be his next film.

Variety reported that last week, Spielberg held a secret table read for a new project with "some of [Hollywood’s] top talent." No names were given, though. That project is an untitled biopic about iconic composer Leonard Bernstein. Bernstein is best known for writing music for films such as On The TownOn The Waterfront, and his most well-known project is West Side Story. The composer died in 1990 at the age of 72. 

I guess in preparing for West Side Story, the director got a little side-tracked on the guy who wrote the music. There's no word on who wrote the script, but apparently Spielberg does read-throughs like this regularly to help him feel out projects. 

The report makes a note of saying that the director hasn't committed to this project, but it's interesting to get a little insight into how Spielberg works. 

I honestly don't know much about Bernstein other than the films he worked on over the course of his career, but he must've had an interesting life if Spielberg is being moved to possibly direct a film about him. 

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