Steven Spielberg Plans To Start Shooting INDIANA JONES 5 in 2019

Last week we learned that the next film director Steven Spielberg is developing is a new features film adaptation of the classic musical West Side Story. This news left fans wondering when exactly he will get around to Indiana Jones 5. Well, according to THR, he plans on starting to shoot it in 2019 after he's done with West Side Story. That should give the director enough time to finish it in time for the previously set July 10, 2020 release date.

There's no information on what the story will entail, but we do know that Harrison Ford will be back to reprise his role of Indiana Jones. A couple of years ago I wrote up a list of archeological mysteries and discoveries that could spark Indian Jones' next adventure. I doubt the story will involve any of those, but I'm sure Spielberg will come up with a great idea for the story! I can't wait to see what that idea ends up being!

Are there any story ideas that you have for Indiana Jones' next adventure? 


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