Sylvester Stallone Has a New Story Idea For The ROCKY Franchise

It looks like Sylvester Stallone might not be done with the Rocky film franchise after all. After saying that Creed II would be his last time playing Rocky Balboa, the actor revealed that he has an idea for a new story for the Rocky franchise that would require him to come back for the role.

During a career retrospective talk at Cannes (via Deadline), Stallone shared his new story concept, saying:

“I have a great idea for Rocky. He finds this fella in the country illegally and it becomes a whole thing. It’s like the magician who lost his tricks. You’ve seen everything, but what can be different? Throw him out of the country, he’s in another world.”

That would certainly be an interesting story and it’s one that I can totally see Stallone excited about telling. Sylvester Stallone went on to compare the character Rocky to the character Rambo, saying:

“Rambo deals with the dark side of nature that most people live with. Rocky is different, he’s more the optimist, there’s optimism and pessimism in these two characters.”

Only time will tell if this is something that he will end up doing. But I love the Rocky franchise, so if he does make it, I’ll show up to support and watch it.

Would you like to see Stallone come back as Rocky for another film?

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