The Area 51 Raid Will Now Be Live Streamed

Humor Area 51 by Joey Paur

Over 1.4 million people have committed on Facebook to storm Area 51 so that they can get in there to see some aliens and UFOs. What started out as a joke, has seemed to spiral out of control and something could actually happen.

At best a bunch of people will get together for a big Area 51 bbq where they will hang out and joke about raiding the military base. At worst, a bunch of people will gather together and actually attempt to raid it Naruto run style! If that’s the case, the U.S. Air Force is prepared to defend the base, which mean things could get ugly. One thing we all know is that there are people out there stupid enough to try it.

Whatever happens on September 20th, we’ll be able to watch it unfold because the big event is going to be live streamed! The live stream comes thanks to the Twitter account AREA15, which is an upcoming entertainment and retail center opening up in the Las Vegas Strip sometime in late 2019.

The tweet came with an amusing photo of two aliens hanging out in construction gear and it came with the caption, “Okay. Now we're curious about the storming of #AREA51. We're going to live stream the "event" here at Area 15 to watch what goes down. And costumes and tin foil hats are required."

They are certainly taking advantage of this and it’s a great way to market and grow their business that hasn’t even opened yet! So if you want to watch the live stream of the crazy people storming Area 51, get all the details in the link provided in the tweet.

Will you be watching? It would be so crazy and insane if this whole thing just got ridiculously out of control and people actually tried to raid Area 51!

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