THE BATMAN Movie Will Begin Production in 2019

It looks like The Batman may not be suiting up in 2018, that's according to director Matt Reeves after he debunked rumors suggesting he might be walking away from Warner Bros.’ upcoming Batman movie.

According to Heroic Hollywood, the movie won’t begin production until 2019 and that's because Warner Bros. already has three other DC Films set to shoot this year. Shazam is in production now. Wonder Woman 2 will begin next followed by the Joker origin story movie.

So do the math, if shooting doesn't start on The Batman until 2019, then we likely won't see it in theaters until 2020 or 2021. 

But that doesn't necessarily mean we won't see Batman onscreen until then; Ben Affleck is rumored to appear in the upcoming Flash movie, titled Flashpoint. The real question is will Affleck still be interested in playing Batman once Reeves begins production? Some reports suggest Affleck is conflicted on whether to continue playing the caped crusader as the role has already become way more demanding than he expected. The same report suggests that WB isn't overjoyed with Affleck playing Batman.

Then there are the reports that Reeves doesn't even want Affleck in the role. One actor that the director previously suggested is Jake Gyllenhaal.

As we've previously reported, he's looking to do a dark noir-style film that will focus on the detective side of the Dark Knight. If all goes well, Reeves has an idea for a story arc that would span over the course of a trilogy of films.

What do you think, who would you like to see Reeves cast in the role of Batman?

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