The Digital Version of GLOOMHAVEN Drops a Gameplay Trailer

Early Access for the digital adaptation of the popular board game Gloomhaven starts next week. To help get everyone excited for the game, a new gameplay trailer has dropped to help explain how the game works. I’m sure there’s not too much new information for veterans of the board game (although the rogue mode is new), but for new players like me, this is very useful information to have.

In addition, a bit more information has been going around about new content being added to the game. When Early Access starts on July 17, players will only have access to four characters. However, the roadmap (included below) shows that the Tinkerer and Mindthief will be joining the game later this year along with improvements (hopefully based on feedback).

If you want a deal on this game and to be able to play during Early Access, you can head on over to Steam and grab Gloomhaven for $24.99. At the full launch, the game will cost a bit more for new purchases.

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