The First STAR WARS: GALAXY OF ADVENTURES Animated Shorts Have Been Released and They're Pretty Cool!

A couple days ago we learned that Lucasfilm was developing a series of animated Star Wars shorts called Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures.

The series was designed as fun and educational add-ons to “help older fans, parents, and other mentors to welcome the kids in their lives to explore the galaxy far, far away.” Yes, these shorts will be used to get kids hooked on Star Wars to ensure that Disney will be able to keep making Star Wars films forever. Ya gotta get those kids hooked on it young!

Four of the first wave of shorts have been released and you can watch them below! They actually turned out to be super cool! They have a fun and playful animation style and it’s pretty cool how they utilize the voices and sounds of the original films.

I also included a video that highlights some of the fun facts of the series. Watch the series of shorts below, which are only about a minute long, and let us know what you think!

Darth Vader - Power of the Dark Side

Darth Vader wields the power of the dark side in pursuit of the stolen "Darth Vader wields the power of the dark side in pursuit of the stolen Death Star plans!

R2-D2 - A Loyal Droid

Brave droid R2-D2 and his counterpart C-3PO embark on a vital mission for the Rebellion!

Luke vs. the Wampa - Cavern Escape

Luke Skywalker uses the Force to escape from the icy lair of the wampa!

Chewbacca - The Trusty Co-Pilot

The mighty Chewbacca and Han Solo must work together to fix the Millennium Falcon and flee from danger!

Darth Vader | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts

Learn about the tragic fall of the man who turned to the dark side to become Darth Vader. Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts offer exciting insights into the Star Wars galaxy, from characters to ships and beyond!

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