The GEARS OF WAR Movie Moves Forward with Screenwriter F. Scott Frazier


Universal Pictures is moving forward with their big screen adaptation of the hit video game Gears of War.

This project has been sitting around waiting to be developed at the studio for a couple years. They picked up the rights to the property back in 2016, but now according to The Wrap, they’re ready to get serious about moving forward with it. They’ve hired screenwriter F. Scott Frazier to write the script. Frazier’s previous writing credits include Collide and xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

I think that the films Frazier has worked on have been pretty mediocre action film projects, so I’m not expecting much from the Gears of War script that he’ll write. I’m sure the movie will look visually awesome, but as I’ve said many times before, visuals don’t make a great film.

The story is set on the planet Sera, and it follows a former P.O.W. “who leads the human resistance against the Locust Horde, a race of creatures who emerge from beneath the Earth’s surface intent on eliminating mankind.”

I’ve been a fan of this video game franchise since it was first released. This is a film project that I’ve been pretty excited about, but now that we know who is writing the script that excitement has fizzled a bit.

Who knows, though! Maybe Frazier will prove me wrong and end up delivering something great for the fans! Only time will tell. One think is for sure, they better get Dave Bautista to star in it!

What do you think about F. Scott Frazier writing the script for Gears of War?

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