The Hit Board Game FIREBALL ISLAND Gets an Unofficial D&D Adventure


Fireball Island was a board game from the 1980s that was restored roughly a year ago by Restoration Games in Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar. Now Restoration Games has gone a step further and created a Dungeons & Dragons adventure module based on the board game. The adventure is designed for a party of three to five level 5 characters and is honestly a clever way to explore some of the lore of the board game. The premise is that the Heart of Vul-Kar was taken from Fireball Island but has since been returned, causing chaos to return to the island. I think this is fantastic, especially if you’re a fan of the board game.

You can find Fireball Island: Isle of the Fire Spirit for free, and if you want more information about the board game Fireball Island, check out Restoration Games’ website.

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