The Original Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson, Would Love to Direct a New POWER RANGERS Reunion Movie


In case you missed it, Hasbro recently purchased Power Rangers and they are wanting to capitalize on it and make more movies. It’s possible they will make a sequel for the 2017 film Saban’s Power Rangers, but with a change from Lionsgate to Paramount, I think that they’re more likely to reboot the movie franchise. One idea that I’m sure many fans would be excited about would be a reunion of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast. Sadly, Thuy Trang wouldn’t be able to join them as she died in a car crash back in 2001, but the idea is still a fun one. What’s even better is that Amy Jo Johnson, the original Kimberly Hart, has said she’d love to direct said reunion film. In a recent interview with Metro, she was asked if she liked David Yost’s (the original Blue Ranger) idea of him producing a Power Rangers film and Johnson directing it.

Her response was positive:

I would love that. I was trying to get them to let me direct one of the episodes when they were in New Zealand. We were slowly getting there but it didn’t pan out, but I would love that. I think that would be amazing.

I think Jason David Frank would be up for reprising his role as Tommy Oliver again and I think it’d be awesome if instead of a movie, it was a Lord Drakkon series. Either way, you can be sure many fans, including myself, would jump at a chance to see the originals together again. What would you want a reunion film to be?

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