THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS Releases New Trailer for the Second Half of Season 2

I have not seen the second season of The Seven Deadly Sins yet. I’m waiting for the dub to be released (yeah, I know you’re all racing to the comments to hate on me for this), and hopefully that’ll be out later this year. That being said, I’ve been going nuts watching the trailers that have been released for the sub and the Japanese. I have no idea what is happening in the show right now, but holy crap this trailer seems crazy! The craziest part is of course at the end when we get teased with Escanor, the final sin. I cannot wait for the dub to be released, and I’m sure many of you cannot wait for the rest of season 2 to be released and subbed. Also, don’t forget about the sub from Animax which will feature a marathon of all the episodes that have been released up until that point on April 14, 2018.

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