The Unofficial D&D Supplement VILLAINS & LAIRS III Is FREE!


If you play Dungeons & Dragons, I’ve got a treat for you. I’ve raved about Villains & Lairs and Villains & Lairs II over on the DMs Guild before. Well, now there’s a Villains & Lairs III FREE. That’s right, you can download the third set of pre-made villains for free! You can also choose to spend some money on the unofficial supplement if you want to support the authors.

Villains & Lairs III FREE is also notably smaller, sporting only eight villains and one lair, but they’re still worth checking out. I cannot recommend these titles enough. You can pick up this supplement over on the DMs Guild now.

The contributors for Villains & Lairs III FREE are Casey Bax, Celeste Conowitch, DW Dagon, GM Lent, Hannah Rose, Janek Sielicki, and Jeff C. Stevens.

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