The Zombie Christmas Musical ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE Finds Distribution

Back in September, people at the Fantastic Fest were given the treat of seeing Anna and the Apocalypse. This film is a Horror Musical and it looks amazing. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you should. The exciting thing now is that Orion Pictures has picked up the rights to this high school zombie musical Christmas film and are looking to release it during the 2018 holiday season. Those of us who couldn’t make Fantastic Fest will get the chance to watch what appears to be a fantastic movie. Still unsure about it? Here’s the synopsis of the film:

Teenage Anna’s life is typical enough. Chafing against the narrow horizons of her small town, she dreams of bigger things. It’s not so much that she doesn’t love her friends and family — she does — it’s just that they’re all so… familiar. So typical. So predictable. Her childhood best friend aches for a romance that she has no interest in, no matter how close they might be. The school jock that she had a fling with is proving to be disappointingly predictable in his behavior. And it’s becoming progressively harder for Anna to conceal her disappointment with just how satisfied her widower-father is with the blue collar simplicity of his never-changing existence. And then it all goes to shit.

The night of the high school Christmas concert marks the arrival of the undead in Anna’s small town. And so begins a struggle to band together and survive. Future dreams are forced aside by the overwhelming need to survive the present in this winning Scottish musical-horror-comedy.

Tell me that doesn’t sound magical. What’s your favorite zombie musical Christmas film? Because there are so many options!

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