Thomas Haden Church Reportedly Plays Lobster Johnson in The HELLBOY Reboot

Spider-Man 3 and Sideways star Thomas Haden Church was reportedly cast is director Neil Marshall’s Hellboy reboot. According to Discussing Film, Church will take on the pulp era vigilante Lobster Johnson.

Apparently Haden Church previously teased the role earlier this year during an interview with JoBlo. Church was asked if he would ever return to the superhero movie genre after playing Sandman in Spider-Man 3 and this was his response:

“I’m not supposed to talk about it, but I actually have returned, but not in the Marvel world, it’s another world, but it is in that genre of superheroes and supervillains. I’m not supposed to talk about it, it’s a movie I shot last year. They’re trying to keep it-and good luck to ‘em-with, y’know, today man, I’m surprised it hasn’t already kinda been revealed.”

In case you’re not familiar with Lobster Johnson, he was a vigilante who worked in secret in New York City during the 1930s. He had a reputation for violence, such as killing mobsters and burning his trademark lobster claw symbol into their foreheads. Lobster Johnson was an inspiration to Hellboy in the comics.

We don’t know how big of a role Lobster Johnson will play in the story, but it’s pretty cool to see that they are going to bring this character to life. I love the thought of Thomas Haden Church playing him as well so I hope this report is true!

As you may have heard, the first test screening for the film didn’t go over too well, but I’m still looking forward to seeing it. I still think that it will be an entertaining flick!

The movie also stars David Harbour, Ian McShane as Professor Broom, Milla Jovovich as the Nimue the Blood Queen, Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan, Daniel Dae Kim as Ben Daimio, and Penelope Mitchell as Ganeida, a witch who has decided that the Blood Queen's wrath has gone on for too long.

The film is about Hellboy going to England, where he must defeat Nimue, Merlin’s consort and the Blood Queen. But their battle will bring about the end of the world, a fate he desperately tries to turn away.

What do you think about Thomas Haden Church possibly playing Lobster Johnson?

The movie will hit theaters on April 12th, 2019.

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