Tom Cruise Reveals The Title of TOP GUN 2 and Says “There’s Gonna Be Jets"

If you're excited about Top Gun 2, we've got a couple of new details to share with you! During an interview with Access Hollywood, Cruise revealed that the title of the film would be Top Gun: Maverick, which as you know was the call sign of Cruise's character. 

He went on to say that the film would have the same tone as the first one and that it will also be stylistically the same. He also said they are going to use the same musical score, which is cool.

As far as the plot goes, all he would really reveal is that it's going to be a competition film like the first one. It will also show us Maverick's progression. When asked if we would see any of the old gang come back, Cruise wouldn't budge. All he said was going to be aircraft carriers and jets.

The guy interviewing Cruise then asked about drones because that's what the rumor has been, but then the actor responded again with, 

“There’s gonna be jets.”

So that puts that whole drone rumor to rest and it makes me happy! A Top Gun movie without jets wouldn't really be a Top Gun movie. 

Val Kilmer also recently expressed interest in returning, but there's been no confirmation that he will be involved. I hope he is! 

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