Two ALIEN TV Shows Reportedly in Development and Ridley Scott Is Producing One of Them for Hulu

Last year it was reported that there was a TV series in development that would be set in the Alien universe. We’ve got some new information to share with you regarding that today and apparently there’s not one, but two Alien shows in the early stages of development.

According to HN Entertainment, one of those shows will be produced by Ridley Scott for Hulu! Scott is currently directing his first television project with the sci-fi series Raised by Wolves for TNT. With him moving into TV, it seems like an Alien series may be something that’s he’d want to jump on board, especially since the third film in his Alien prequel series might not happen.

According to the report:

Details are scarce at the moment but there might be multiple seasons that could tackle different corners/eras of the franchise, not unlike Noah Hawley’s series Fargo.

In theory, I could see them possibly filling gaps in the franchise or crafting brand new stories to tell within the Alien universe. It still seems to be the very early days with these projects and I can’t exactly speak to what they’ll be about at the moment.

Fox has teased big plans for the Alien franchise for 2019. They even used the the slogan "Read. Play. Watch." I imagine these Alien TV projects are part of the "Watch" portion of their plan. This makes sense as the shows that we are seeing on TV these days are high quality, great productions.

If these Alien projects actually get the greenlight, I’ll be looking forward to seeing what they end up being. In the meantime, I’m still holding out for hope that Neill Blomkamp will get to make his Aliens sequel!

What you you like to see explored in these two Alien shows?

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