Warwick Davis Talks About The WILLOW Sequel and Shares Some Ideas About His Character

The thought of seeing a sequel go into development for Willow is extremely exciting for me. That was one of my all time favorite films as a kid and I’ve been wanting to see the story of Willow continue for years!

Director Ron Howard previously said that there have been discussions about a Willow sequel and said that the story would revolve the character Elora Danan.

It was prophesied in the first film that Elora would destroy the evil Queen Bavmorda. While on his journey, Willow meets and reluctantly teams up with the swordsman Madmartigan (Val Kilmer) to help keep the child from Bavmorda's evil forces.

In a recent interview with CinemaBlend, Davis was asked about the Willow sequel and it sounds like he would love to do it. He even has some ideas about his character. He also said that he’s talked to Solo screenwriter Jon Kasdan about where the story could go:

“That would be hugely exciting....revisiting Willow as a character, now he's older and wiser and perhaps even a better sorcerer, who knows by now, would be brilliant fun. I would absolutely love to do that. Ron and I we chatted about Willow quite a lot. Jon Kasdan who was obviously the screenwriter on Solo, he's a pretty big fan of Willow, it's one of the reasons he got into screenwriting and filmmaking. He and I talked a lot about where we could take Willow in the future.”

He went on to share a story of a time while he was shooting Solo where he got together with George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy, Howard, and Kasdan and they all started talking about Willow and getting excited about the possibility of a sequel:

“I remember a particular day which was very special on Solo. I was working with the second unit and Ron, and I got a message through saying "oh George [Lucas] is here today, he'd like to see you.' So I went on set, it was the day they were on the Falcon. I remember myself, George, Jon Kasdan, Kathy Kennedy all chatting about Willow. I would think 'this is like the stars have aligned right here. If anybody's going to get a sequel or something else made in regard to Willow, this is it and this is the time to do it.' Who knows, kind of watch this space, I guess.”

If this sequel ever happens it’s probably not going to happen for awhile. It’s a perfect film property for Lucasfilm and Disney to resurrect, though! I know there’s a chance it will never get made, but I’m going to hold on to the hope that it will for a little bit longer.

What would you like to see in a story for a Willow sequel?

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