Wedding Crashers Director Teaming Back up With Will Ferrell for Netflix Movie EUROVISION

Last year we reported that Will Ferrell (Talladega Nights, Anchor Man, Old School, Step Brothers) had signed on to star in a movie for Netflix entitled Eurovision.

The story is based on the "wildly popular and long-running international TV music competition The Eurovision Song Contest. It is a contest that began in Switzerland in 1956, when seven West European nations participated. This year 43 countries competed for the prize, won in Lisbon by Netta (Israel) performing the song Toy. ABBA (winner in 1974 for Sweden) and Céline Dion (winner in 1988 for Switzerland) are among the former contestants who launched successful worldwide careers after their wins at The Eurovision Song Contest."

We already knew that Ferrell was writing the script alongside Andrew Steele, known for his time as writer and head-writer at SNL and his comedic collaborations with Ferrell in the past, writing the ridiculously hilarious The Spoils of Babylon, The Royal Wedding Live With Cord and Tish!, and the spoof Lifetime movie, A Deadly Adoption.

We now know that David Dobkin will be directing, teaming back up with Ferrell after their work together on Wedding Crashers. Dobkin has directed other comedies like Fred Claus and The Change-Up, as well as worked on the series Into the Badlands, and has directed many music videos for various artists that include Maroon 5, 2Pac and Elton John. He seems pretty diverse and experienced in comedy and music, so he sounds like the perfect match! I’m all in for a new comedy in the style of Wedding Crashers with Will Ferrell singing! It sounds like a great time. We don’t have many more details on cast or when this will be out, but we will keep you posted!

Are you excited about Eurovision?!

via: slashfilm

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