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Rich Kelly Movie Posters Are Magical

Artby Mily Dunbar

These movie posters by Rich Kelly are pretty fantastic. I think The Sword in the Stone is the worst Disney movie ever made, and I would still hang this on my wall. The poster is better than the movie, is what what I’m saying. I really love the way that even though his work is very distinctive, the style of each poster is driven by the movie. It’s hard to pick a favorite, although I do love the single ray of light on Llewyn Davis and the way the idyllic suburban street morphs into a snake on the Kings of Summer poster. I even love the fiddler on the Dave Matthews Band poster, and even under torture I would not agree to listen to their music. The Son of Frankenstein poster is a nice contrast to this. You can see more of his work here, and buy some prints here.

Thanks to The Art of Animation for the heads up.

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