Sony Says Logan Lerman WILL NOT Play Peter Parker in SPIDER-MAN Reboot

This is why unnamed unverified sources can’t be trusted. You never know who is lying, who’s been misinformed, who’s wrong, and who’s right. Until the studio makes an official statement, confirming or denying something, you never know the real truth.

In the case of the casting of Sony Pictures' Spider-Man reboot films we’ve heard from two separate sources that Logan Lerman is the front runner for the role of Peter Parker in the Marc Webb directed movie. HitFix went as far to say that Lerman was “almost 100% Locked.” Now according to Deadline, insiders at Sony Pictures say that Lerman is not getting the role. Their sources say that Lerman is 100% not going to be Spider-Man, and that he’s not even on the list of candidates being seriously considered.

Now this is the reason why I throw in a lot of sarcastic remarks when it comes to people claiming their “inside sources” are right. In this case, we have inside sources saying they are 100% right. One saying Lerman is Spider-Man, and one saying he’s not. It’s an epic battle of the inside studio sources.

I get tips all the time from “inside sources,” but I don’t post them because I don’t want to get hounded and pounded when or if it falls through. Unless, it comes from a top tier producer, executive, director, or actor tied to the project then there’s no point, and who knows who these people's sources are, because they don't ever say. Of course I have no problem posting news from other people’s sources because my ass isn’t on the line. I will say, the most knowledgeable people on any studio lot are the people that work in the mail room. Everything goes through them, and they see it all. Having worked in the mail room at a major Hollywood studio I know this. I wish I would have run this blog back then, instead at the time I was feeding my intel to other movie blogs.

As far is Lerman goes, I guess both sources just cancel each other out, so there is absolutely no news at all regarding who will play Peter Parker in the Spider-Man reboot.