Matthew Vaughn Directing Another Mark Millar Comic Adaptation

Movie Matthew Vaughn by Joey Paur

For those of us who have been following Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar, we know the guy is very excited about what he does, and the upcoming projects that are in the process of being launched. Sometimes he just talks about them a little to early to tell what is actually happening. The comic writer recently threw out some hints on twitter about another project that he and X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn are collaborating on. 

Vaughn had some interesting news on the next project we’re doing together. Am about to buzz my co-creator and bring him up to speed.

He’s directing one and producing another of my adaptations, as he’s hinted in recent interviews. More details as we can reveal them.

Whenever we hear Millar talk about something like this these days most of us have the attitude of, “we’ll believe it when we see it.” We know that Millar and Vaughn are trying to get Kick-Ass 2 off the ground, and we also know that they are collaborating on a adaptation of American Jesus. Nemesis is also a film project being developed, but Tony Scott is the director attached to it as of right now. 

 Millar started seeing the fans reactions to these tweets and he went into more detail about this news on the Millarworld forum saying,


I'm already seeing the usual "I'll believe it when I see it bullshit" and so just let the directors spill the beans now, staying nicely silent and pulling the strings as ever in the background. As you know, that Nemesis with Tony Scott, Supercrooks with Nacho Vigalondo and 2 secret projects with Matthew all being worked on as movies at the moment. I can't talk about Superior yet (it's the studios call as they're paying the dough) or Kick-Ass 2 (any vague HINT of what's happening seems to become a massive story), but some WAR HEROES movie news to break in the next couple of weeks. This was as big a surprise to me as it is to you, but I'm very, very happy about it. 


I would love to see this War Heroes film happen! That’s such a great story concept. Sony snatched up the rights to War Heroes back in September of 2008, so it’s about time this film project started moving forward. Maybe Vaughn will end up directing it, which would be awesome. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of news breaks in the next couple of weeks.


What are your thoughts on these Millar properties getting big screen adaptations? What one are you most excited for?

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