Awesome Fan Art Shows John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Zac Efron, and John Cena as the FANTASTIC FOUR


We recently heard that John Krasinski would enjoy playing the role of Mr. Fantastic for the MCU if/when (yeah, it’s more of a when) Disney decides to bring their superhero family, the Fantastic Four, to the big screen again.

I know people are already writing comments furiously saying they shouldn’t bother trying again after two failed attempts, but I want to remind those people that Spider-Man was also done twice before Marvel took a crack at it, and they made the best one yet.

Of course, the Sue Storm to Krasinski’s Reed Richards is Emily Blunt (Krasinski’s wife in real life) for many fans. I think it could potentially work really well. They’ve both been in the runnings before for other Marvel heroes. Why not? Who would play Sue’s brother, Johnny Storm, and Reed’s friend, Ben Grimm, though?

The popular fan artist BossLogic recently posted some of his incredible art on Twitter and revealed his picks for these two roles: Zac Efron for Johnny and John Cena for Ben.

I don’t fully agree with his choice of casting Cena, but he does defend his choices (sort of):

I could see Efron being a great Johnny Storm, but I’m still not convinced on Cena. If you wanted a big muscly character that used to be a wrestler, why not go with Dwayne Johnson? Yes, I’m a little worn out of seeing Johnson in every movie, but I’d rather have him than Cena for now. Cena just hasn't convinced me yet that he's a decent actor. Who would you like to see in these roles if Krasinski and Blunt do become Sue and Reed?

In addition to the heroes, BossLogic has given us some awesome Dr. Doom art and tagged Mads Mikkelsen on it. That would be pretty awesome. He’s already expressed interest in playing the character for Noah Hawley, so maybe he’d do it for Disney?

Here are all of the images:

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