Bryan Cranston Shares How He Would Like The BREAKING BAD Movie To Handle Jesse's Story

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is currently in the process of developing a Breaking Bad film for AMC with Aaron Paul coming back to reprise his role of Jesse Pinkman.

As more information has been released for this movie, the fans seem to be getting a little more excited for it. We know that the film that will continue the story of Jesse and take place after the events of the series finale after Walt helped him escape the neo-Nazis that were forcing him to cook meth.

It was revealed that the story “will follow his escape from Albuquerque” and there will be other characters from the series involved. We don’t know who those characters will be, but Bryan Cranston is open to reprising his role of Walter White if he’s asked to.

We don’t have a lot of story details on what the film will entail, but Cranston recently shared how he would like to see Jesse’s story arc handled in the movie. In an interview with Indiewire, the actor said: 

“I would like to see --- and again I have no idea if this is what [Vince is] thinking about --- I would like to see [Jesse] struggle to break that mold and eventually break out and find his own real true calling. Something that empowered him as a human being, that is on the straight and narrow, that allows him to be able to open up, to let another human being into his life. And be happy. 'Cause I don't sense that he was really ever happy.”

Yeah, I would like to see Jesse finally find happiness after all of the shit that he wen’t through. But knowing how twisted this show is, I doubt that will be the case. If it does happen, it probably find that happiness until after Jesse is put through hell again in a new crazy unwanted journey that he’s thrust into. After all, he may end up being kidnapped in this story.

The fans just feel so much sympathy for this character, and one of the reasons for that is Aaron Paul’s performance. He did an amazing job bringing this character to life. Cranston went on to praise Paul saying:

“You know, the way Aaron just enveloped that character, or maybe the way Jesse Pinkman enveloped Aaron Paul, he filled him with such humanistic attraction. He just felt like a boy who was lost, and on the cusp of being a man, and missing some guide posts in his life. But --- man --- you fell for him. And I think Vince ended the series the way it was best. Walter White had to die. He was the person that brought upon all this disaster and decay. And Jesse Pinkman was almost kind of an innocent bystander to it, and paid the price for that.”

Like all of you, I have so many questions about this Breaking Bad movie, but those questions will be answered soon enough. I don’t know about you, but even though I was against this movie at first because the Breaking Bad series ended perfectly, I’m now looking forward to seeing what Gilligan has in store for Jesse.

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