Dan Aykroyd Wrote a GHOSTBUSTERS Prequel Called GHOSTBUSTERS HIGH Set in 1969


As fans are excitedly looking forward to the new Ghostbusters sequel being developed by director Jason Reitman, Dan Aykroyd has another Ghostbusters project that will be ready to go into production within the next five years.

The project is a prequel story called Ghostbusters High and it will tell the story of how Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, and Ray Stantz met. This is what Aykroyd revealed about it during an interview with 660 City News:

"I’ve written Ghostbusters High, where they meet in New Jersey in 1969 and we’re looking to do that as probably a glorified feature or pilot within the next maybe five years…. And it would lead to a television project and I thought of [Jason Reitman] immediately for that. It’s on his desk but that’s years away from the current project. But it’s a neat idea for a prequel. Imagine casting the three characters as teenagers!"

That actually sounds like it could be fun. I wouldn’t mind seeing that story! This is one of several Ghostbusters projects that are in the works. Aykroyd went on to say:

"Way, way down, though we have other stuff after the Jason Reitman-helmed movie. We have at least one or two other concepts for the Ghostbusters and then we’ll look at doing the prequel, which will be a perfect button on all we’ve done up to that point."

Ghostbusters is one of my all-time favorite movies, and it’s great to see that the franchise is making a proper comeback.

The new Ghostbusters film stars Finn Wolfhard, Carrie Coon, and McKenna Grace. It’s also set in the same universe as the original Ghostbusters film and will serve as a sequel of sorts. If you want to read up on some of the character details and rumored plot of the film, you can click here. The original cast is also said to be coming back to reprise their roles.

Ghostbusters is slated to hit theaters on July 10th, 2020.

What do you all think about Aykroyd’s Ghostbusters prequel concept?

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